Launching - New & Improved Cert.!

Launching - New & Improved Cert.!

We have always been committed to our pledge to improve our product packaging and reduce our impact on the environment.

Now we are launching Cert. V2 in completely plastic-free packaging that also allows you to cut back on water waste!

Packaging now 100% plastic-free!

We no longer use plastic tubes to house Cert. tablets and have replaced them with 100% plastic-free cardboard boxes. The tablets themselves come sealed in foil-lined casing to keep them safe and protected and ensure they have a long shelf life. 

Now active for 7 days against Covid-19 and Viruses

We have increased the effectiveness of Cert. to fight Covid-19 and viruses from 48 hours to 7 days!

Smaller tablets for smaller bottles

Cert. now comes as a smaller tablet which can be diluted in smaller 250ml bottles. Use 2 tablets to fill the usual 500ml bottle - simple.