refillable spray bottle for cleaning products

Refill & Reuse is going mainstream

If you’ve browsed the cleaning aisles in Tesco recently, you’ll probably have noticed the growth of refillable cleaning products.  We are really happy to see that more cleaning companies are taking their impact on the planet seriously and introducing refillable options.

Cert. tablets tick all the same eco-friendly boxes – you pop a tablet into water, wait for it to dissolve and you’re good to go!  We include reusable bottles in our starter kits but we actually encourage our customers to just use an old spray bottle they might have under the sink.  As long as you use the correct amount of water for our tablets, who really cares which bottle it’s in?

Do the eco-friendly sprays really clean?

There’s one really big difference between Cert. and most of the new eco-friendly cleaning products….Cert. kills viruses!! 

Hang on a minute -  are we saying that most cleaning products don’t actually kill viruses?  Yes!  It’s a surprising thing to learn when you’ve assumed all your life that an antibac spray would actually make a surface free of nasty germs.   

The truth is, most antibacs are good at destroying bacteria because this requires a much lower strength disinfectant.  But they don’t destroy viruses because viruses need a stronger dose to break down those pesky walls.  If you’re in the market to kill Covid-19, Flu and other viruses on surfaces, most of the eco-friendly products on the market simply won’t do the job. 

Need a surface spray that is both eco-friendly AND kills viruses?

Cert. is quite unique in the market.  It’s a refill & reuse system which reduces plastic and is much friendlier on the planet, but its also strong enough to actually destroy bacteria AND viruses.  Not many products on the market can do both, whilst maintaining a near-neutral pH level, making it very safe on surfaces, skin, around pets and entering our waste water.   

When it comes to cleaning, turns out you can have it all!