In the ring: Bleach vs Cert.

In the ring: Bleach vs Cert.

Cert. antiviral surface spray can be compared to bleach cleaning sprays thanks to its remarkable cleaning power. We thought it would be a good idea to really put this to the test and see how Cert. fares up against bleach sprays on its individual qualities.


There’s no denying it, bleach-based cleaning sprays have traditionally been the mother of all cleaning products because they are super strong and capable. Bleach can destroy viruses and bacteria with its eyes closed.

Cert. – Cert. has been tested & proven in certified EU labs to also destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, including covid-19.  Cert. proudly meets the UKHSA government specific guidelines on what is needed to destroy covid-19 on a surface.  Not many other cleaning sprays can prove this. 

Round 1 winner goes to……IT’S A DRAW.  They're both amazing. 


Sure, bleach-based cleaning sprays are strong and powerful, but unfortunately this comes at a cost. They are usually much more powerful than they actually need to be, making them much more hazardous and toxic.

Cert. on the other hand boasts the perfect strength to destroy 99.9% viruses and bacteria, but without being over-engineered. Cert. is perfectly dosed to match up to the cleaning power of bleach, but without also dissolving our work surfaces and staining our clothes. In fact, once dissolved in the correct dose of water, Cert. is almost pH neutral!

Round 2 winner goes to…..CERT.


Great, so far we know that Cert. cleans just as well as bleach and is much less hazardous. So when it comes to price, its probably expensive like all these other fancy new cleaners, right? WRONG.

Bleach-based sprays range between £2-£4 for a 750ml bottle which lasts the average home a month.

Cert. tablets work out at 52p per 750ml bottle which is significantly less than even the supermarket-own brands. Even if you replaced the liquid every 7 days in order to keep Cert at its highest potency, that’s still up to 50% cheaper.

Round 3 winner goes to……CERT.


Here is where it really gets juicy. Bleach-based cleaning sprays (and neat liquid bleach for that matter) come in single-use plastic spray bottles. These are often difficult to recycle and even so, it is estimated that nearly 50% of recyclable plastic bottles are just chucked away in the rubbish anyway. The over-production of single-use plastic has created a plastic epidemic in terms of plastic pollution and micro-beads getting into our waterways.

Cert. surface spray comes in the form of a little tablet which is dissolved in tap water. The packaging is completely plastic-free and whilst we do supply a bottle-for-life if needed, we encourage Cert. customers to re-use an old spray bottle they find at home.

Round 4 winner goes to….DING DING DING….CERT.

The results are in and the winner is….CERT

So there you have it, with the same cleaning power as bleach, Cert. outperforms bleach-based sprays on price, plastic pollution and toxicity and is the obvious choice when looking for a cleaning spray which destroys both bacteria AND viruses.