COP27 - What do you need to know?

COP27 - What do you need to know?

With COP27 climate change summit around the corner, the United Nations are once-again coming together to tackle the crucial issues of climate change and the global rising temperatures.

It has been a year since the last meeting when countries all agreed they must act immediately to slow a dangerous rise in global temperatures.  It is evident that not enough has been done and we are still seeing the consequences of climate change including devastating floods in Pakistan, droughts in the US and record-breaking heatwaves across Europe.

Why do we care about climate change?

Climate change and the environment are at the very core of why we made Cert. cleaning tablets.  Water and climate change are inextricably linked and Cert. came to market as a solution to reduce unnecessary bottling of perfectly-good drinking water.  

Free the water

The majority of household surface sprays are made up of more than 95% water.  What's more, the water held hostage in those bottles is perfectly good drinking water taken from our ground water supplies.  

In many parts of the world, ground water is in very short supply and with rising global temperatures, it is becoming more and more scarce.  There is only a finite amount of fresh water on planet Earth, once it's gone, it's gone.  

That is why we firmly believe that we shouldn't be holding perfectly good drinking water hostage in plastic bottles, sitting in warehouses and supermarket shelves.  Cert. surface spray is designed to be filled with tap water at the time of need and returned back to the Earth's water cycle the moment it is finished. 

Cut water, cut carbon

Not only do we need to protect our ground water resources, it also costs the planet a HUGE chunk of CO2 transporting it all over the place! 

Imagine truck loads of heavy plastic cleaning bottles travelling around on motorways to be delivered across the UK.  These lorries billow out CO2 which is widely known to be a huge contributor to rising temperatures.  

We only need 1 - Cert. tablets are tiny and light, cutting carbon emissions by 94%.  Just fill up with water at home and cut your carbon footprint.

Take action - make some noise!

We need to keep making noise.  Our leaders won't prioritise climate change unless they have absolutely no choice because it doesn't help their budgets.  We are soon reaching the date where it will be too late to reverse climate change so we need action now.  Make some noise - lets put the pressure on this COP27! 

Take action - make a change!

We know it can feel like a drop in the ocean when we make small individual changes to help reduce our impact on the planet.  But more and more people are switching to refillable and plastic-free options - the movement is growing every year - and it really does make a huge difference when you add up everyones individual efforts. Well done and keep going! 

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