Clean but green - Cert. featured in The Caterer

Clean but green - Cert. featured in The Caterer

We are thrilled to have been featured in this weeks The Caterer Magazine.  The article called ‘Dust Busters’ discusses post-pandemic hygiene practices in foodservice operators and highlights some brands which have stood out amongst the old-school crowd.  

‘Customers do recognise whether an establishment is hygiene-conscious.  They really do notice, the pandemic opened eyes and changed attitudes. More than half of consumers classify themselves as being more conscious of hygiene at food outlets.’

- Kate Thompson of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Cert. have been quoted in the article saying “Not all disinfectants are equal, there are old school, over-engineered disinfectants that kill 99% of all germs and bacteria, but whose overbearing strength is six times the UK recommendation.  There are plant-based propositions of well-meaning anti-bacterials that are ill-equipped to deal with prolific viruses, and which produce vast numbers of single-use plastic bottles.

‘If an operator doesn’t clean between customers, that now raises a massive red flag.’ 


Cert is a hospital-grade dosed tablet that works with tap water to create a powerful cleaner capable of thoroughly disinfecting a surface within just 60 seconds on a surface, while many of the big names still need 5 minutes to work.  

Cert. actively cares about the environment and our impact - our cleaning tablets can be used in any plastic spray bottle, saving thousands of single-use plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans.