How many chemicals are in your cleaning spray?

How many chemicals are in your cleaning spray?

We know that for many households, particularly those with children and pets, reducing the number of chemicals we use in our home is a high priority.  And rightly so!  

The fact of the matter is, cleaning sprays need chemicals to effectively destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces.  Without them, we might have clean-looking surfaces but they would be riddled with germs and bacteria.  

When we launched Cert., we had a goal in mind.  We wanted Cert. to perfectly do the job of killing bacteria and viruses without adding anything unnecessary.  

We were so fed up with other household cleaners being so painfully over-engineered!  Most of the cleaners claiming to kill covid-19 and flu were significantly stronger than they actually needed to be, making them much more corrosive and potentially toxic.  They were also packed with a range of chemicals including all these synthetic fragrances to mask the smell of 'clean'. 

To get a bit sciencey - most of the main cleaning sprays use a chemical called Sodium Hypochlorite, where as Cert. uses NaDCC.  NaDCC is actually much more effective at destroying viruses, so you don't need anywhere near as much of it to do the job.  Most products have high levels of Sodium Hypochlorite in order to do the exact same job - something we see as totally unnecessary! 

How many chemicals are in your household surface spray?

You might be surprised to learn just how many chemicals are packed into your household cleaning sprays. 

  Number of Chemicals
Branded thick bleach 50
Flash 40
Dettol Spray 26
Cillit Bang 23
Cert. 1


Cert. is simple.   It contains 3 things - a disinfectant (chlorine), a detergent, and effervescent bubbles!  When added to tap water, the detergent and disinfectant dissolves and combines to become a simple but highly effective surface cleaner, capable of destroying covid-19 (and other viruses) on a surface in under 60 seconds. 

Cert. gives off an undeniable scent of 'clean'.  Personally, we love this because we hate the smell of synthetic fragrances and chemicals and wouldn't dream of using them on our food surfaces.  Cert. has zero synthetic fragrances - it just does the job it is designed to do....destroys bacteria and viruses!