Cleaning products needn't add to the rising cost of living

Cleaning products needn't add to the rising cost of living

There doesn't seem to be any way to get away from the rising cost of living.  Most of us are already feeling the pinch and that's before the energy price changes coming in April and October this year. 

At a time when it feels every other aspect of our life is becoming more expensive, we can be looking at ways we can reduce costs.  The little things really do add up, so let's make sure that cleaning isn't part of the problem. 

Keeping your homes free of germs needn't cost the earth. 

Cert. is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial cleaner which is optimised for use on any hard surface.  That means you can use Cert. on your kitchen sides, your cooker, your sink and taps, your laminate and tiled floors, and of course your entire bathroom.

We don't understand why other brands have endless ranges for different uses!  You don't NEED a kitchen cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, a floor cleaner and a surface antibac! 

One cleaner for every job

Cleaning is actually really very simple.  Cert. is just a little tablet which dissolves in a bottle of tap water.  That tablet is a perfectly-dosed mix of simple ingredients which has been tested & proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  

But its even better than that!  Most cleaning products powerful enough to destroy viruses might be corrosive, tough on your skin, risky around children or dangerously over-engineered far beyond the required strength needed to kill bacteria.  

When dissolved, Cert. actually manages to have a nearly-neutral PH level of 6, meaning its MUCH safer to use than any of these other "proper cleaners" whilst still being 100% as effective. 

What does that have to do with the cost of living?

You only need to buy ONE cleaner for every room in your home. And because Cert. comes in tablet form without all the synthetic fragrances, fancy marketing campaigns and unnecessary packaging, Cert. tablets work out much much cheaper per bottle than any alternatives.  

Starting at just 16p per tablet/bottle - that's one little way to keep your living costs down this year! 

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