Featured - Household Surface Care with a Clean Conscience

Featured - Household Surface Care with a Clean Conscience

Cert. has been featured in Cleaning Matters, an online and printed publication focusing on the current and future trends for the professional cleaning industry. 

The cleaning sector has historically been dominated by over-engineered, old-school detergents and bleaches.  Now, we find an array of intriguingly fragrant, plant-based cleaners, who for all their good, sweet-smelling intentions, still prioritise single-use plastic!  Not only this, but all whilst clogging up supermarket shelves with precious drinking water being held unnecessarily hostage. 

Cert. is here to bridge this gap - why can't a surface cleaner do exactly what its meant to do i.e. kill viruses and bacteria, whilst also being friendlier on the planet?

"As a business trusted by the NHS and hospitals worldwide, we’re lucky to be part of a pioneering enterprise with a peerless track record in providing hospital-grade cleaning solutions for decades.  This is the very reason why we knew we were better placed than most to foster the next generation of reassuringly hardworking, multi-surface sprays that are ideally suited to support both homes and small, independent businesses." - Michael Lawrence, Cert. Sales Director. 

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