What has water got to do with climate change anyway?

What has water got to do with climate change anyway?

Most liquid household cleaning products will contain at least 95% water.

This means that at any one time, there are billions of litres of perfectly good drinking water being held hostage in bottles of ready-to-use liquid product. It is sitting in cupboards, supermarket shelves, warehouses and vehicles travelling around the world. That just seems a bit crazy to us.  We don't believe in holding water hostage in plastic bottles on warehouse shelves!

Why does it matter if water is held in bottles?

All of this water is lost to the Earth’s hydrologic system (evaporation, condensation, rain etc.) of natural recycling.

The Earth is truly unique in its abundance of water and it is necessary for sustaining life on Earth. This water circulation process is tightly linked to energy exchanges in the atmosphere, which help to determine the Earth’s climate.

Water is therefore at the heart of the Earth’s climate change crisis, and we believe it is necessary to free the water and keep it in circulation until it is actually needed.

Perhaps more obviously, it also doesn't make sense to bottle up perfectly good drinking water from a tap and keep it locked up.  Why not just use the water as and when you need it? 

How does Cert. free the water?

Cert. is supplied in a tablet form for you to simply fill up with tap water at home. The water is taken and returned to the Earth’s cycle in just 5 days, not endless months. And until its needed, its free for anyone to use.

Help us to free the water! 

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