Cert. tested & proven in labs to destroy Covid-19

Cert. tested & proven in labs to destroy Covid-19

Cert. 2-in-1 surface spray has been tested in a variety of conditions, including the Dr Jochen Steinmann of the highly respected Dr. Brill + Partner, GMBH,  Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Bremen, Germany.

The results of these tests were that Cert. was effective at destroying ALL enveloped viruses in one minute, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which is responsible for Covid-19).

See Dr Jochen Steinmann's Report HERE

How do they test against SARS-CoV-2?

The strain used was modified vaccinia virus Ankara, the legally nominated and internationally recognised surrogate of SARS-CoV-2, as it is extremely rare that testing can take place on the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus.

You'll notice that barely any products on the market claim to be effective against Covid-19 or viruses, because they haven't been able to prove this in a lab test.  Cert. is different and has been proven to destroy ALL enveloped viruses in just 60 seconds, and this includes Covid-19 and any variant of it.

Effective against 99.99% of bacteria

In another test, Dr. Andrew Kemp PhD, who is a specialist researcher in disinfection and decontamination, carried out rigorous testing on Cert. using the Kemp-Hirschman test for “wet in use” disinfectant products.

At the critical period - 5 minutes after treatment - Cert. killed 100% of the bacteria species used to contaminate the surfaces. The types of surfaces tested were a wooden food chopping board, an alloy metal sink and a man-made high gloss kitchen work top.

Listen to what Dr. Andrew Kemp has to say about Cert. (Audio Clip HERE)

Most cleaning products don't even mention 'contact time' as they don't want to put shoppers off.  Whilst Cert. can kill viruses after just 60 seconds on a surface, we recommend waiting up to 5 minutes to catch all other microorganisms.  Most antibac sprays on the market require 5-15 minute contact time.

What do the scientists say?

Interviewer: “Do you think it's important to use hospital grade disinfectant in the home?”

Independent Scientific Researcher Dr. Andrew Kemp: “Yes, I do, and the reason for that is there's an increasing amount of evidence showing a link between antibiotic resistant bacteria and disinfectant resistant bacteria. The inappropriate and poor stewardship of [traditional] disinfectants in the home may in fact increase the number of resistant bacteria that we see. So using hospital grade disinfectants that are stronger and more active that should reduce the chances of that occurring”

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