Cert. Complies with UK Health Security Agency

Cert. Complies with UK Health Security Agency

In October 2021, Public Health England became known as UK Health Security Agency. They also released updated guidance on how to keep potentially contaminated and frequently touched hard surfaces COVID-19 free.

Their guidance has not changed and they are very clear about what can destroy COVID-19 outside of a healthcare setting. They say three key things:

1 – A combined detergent disinfection solution at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine (ppm av.cl.).

Cert. delivers this requirement and has been tested and proven.

2 - Follow manufacturers instructions for dilution, application and contact times for all detergents and disinfectants.

This is a specific warning to be careful when mixing detergents and disinfectants, as there is a real risk of creating toxic gases when you mix them together in the wrong does.

Cert. removes this risk and difficulty by delivering a safe combination of the two, with the precise concentration of detergent and disinfectant to make it both safe and effective.

3 - If an alternative disinfectant is used within the organisation ensure that it is effective against enveloped viruses

Most disinfectants on the market don’t actually say that they are effective against enveloped viruses, only bacteria and germs. Guess what? Cert. delivers here too. Cert. has been proven to be effective against enveloped viruses in up to 5 minutes on a surface.

You can see UK Health Security Agency’s guidelines on how to protect hard surfaces against COVID-19 here.