“Why does Cert. say I can only use it for 48 hours?”

Cert.One of the most common questions we get asked is “Why do I need to throw it away after 48 hours?”

So we want to set the record straight. 

What does “Active for 48 hours” mean?

Once diluted in 500ml of water, Cert. is active against Covid-19 for 48 hours.  

After 48 hours, the solution will become less effective at destroying viruses.

However, Cert. is still able to provide a powerful antibacterial clean for a further 3 days.

After this, we recommend pouring Cert. into the loo for an overnight clean, or down the sink to disinfect the drains.

Why? – The Science

Public Health England are very clear about what is required to destroy Covid-19 on a surface. Cert meets these requirements, while most other surface sprays don’t.

Cert. tablets contain 1000 parts per million available chlorine (ppm av.cl.)*. Once dissolved in water, this level begins to decline – this is normal behaviour for a chemical solution.

The level required to kill bacteria is much lower than for Covid-19, and that is why Cert. still provides a mighty antibacterial clean for a further 3 days.

After this, we can’t safely guarantee that the solution will remain in high enough ppm av.cl to destroy all common household microorganisms, so we recommend that you refresh the solution.

 *This is the required dilution level recommended by Public Health England to destroy COVID-19.

Won’t it be expensive if I have to keep replacing it?

Cert. is still cheaper than other antibacterial sprays when used as a like-for-like antibacterial surface spray.

Don’t forget – most antibacterial surface sprays do not destroy viruses or Covid-19, and Cert. is tested and proven to do this within the first 48 hours of dilution.

After 48 hours, Cert. is just as effective at destroying 99.9% of bacteria as alternatives for a further 3 days.

Isn’t it quite wasteful to just pour it away?

We recommend that any remaining Cert. solution is used to clean and disinfect your sinks, drains and loo’s overnight.

If you always kept your Cert. solution fresh, this means giving your loo the clean it deserves every 5 days.

Lots of people use bleach to clean their toilets. Bleach is corrosive, it can damage the enamel in the loo if used incorrectly, and it can give off very dangerous gases if combined with other chemicals.

Cert. is much safer and is just as effective.

So why should I use Cert. instead of another surface spray?

🦠 Most surface sprays don’t destroy viruses or Covid-19

      💙 Trusted by NHS hospitals to keep surfaces virus-free

      💰 Cert. is fantastic value, starting at just 17p per bottle

    💧 Cert. is refillable and more eco-conscious

      🛁 Cert. can be used in every room – no need for multiple sprays.

      💪 Cert. is much safer than bleach