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For nearly fifty years we have been providing Water Purification tablets and Baby Bottle Sterilising tablets to over 60 countries.

Our History

Cert. is brought to you by Hydrachem.

Born and raised in a small rural Sussex village in England almost 50 years ago, Hydrachem are now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water purification, baby bottle sterilisation & hospital disinfection tablets.

UNICEF, Oxfam, Medecin Sans Frontieres and the WHO are amongst the many who turn to our products to turn around the daily lives of those deprived of that basic human need - clean water.


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Our Global Impact

No-one should have to drink dirty water from old fizzy pop bottles, but so many are forced to in disaster zones or impoverished areas.

We make 10 billion litres of water safe to drink globally every year, by supplying water purification tablets to areas suffering dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and water born diseases.

From the world to your work surface

Over 95% of the NHS’s hospital disinfection tablets are made by Hydrachem.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a need for people to feel safe and protected in their homes from outside contamination, and so we decided to make our disinfection tablets available to use at home.

Cert. was born, with the goal of delivering a safe and effective way for people to keep their homes covid-free, offering the same peace of mind you expect in a hospital.

We wanted people to feel certain wherever they are, and we wanted Cert. to be something that could provide protection at home, at the park or as people go about their daily lives.

Refill-Reuse Revolution

Water sanitisation has always been our priority, but water purification has a new global problem...plastic pollution.

How could we bring our cleaning tablets to homes across the UK, whilst also protecting our oceans in the war on single-use plastic?

We are proud to be part of the reuse & refill revolution. Every tube of Cert saves 18 bottles of single-use plastic from joining our already-struggling ecosystem.

We also disagree with holding perfectly good drinking water hostage in plastic bottles.

Cert. tablets are designed to keep water in the Earth's water cycle, rather than holding it hostage in warehouses and supermarket shelves.

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