Clean & disinfect surfaces at just a fraction of the cost of alternative cleaning products.

Cert. is the most complete surface sanitiser for your business

2-in-1 Detergent & Disinfectant that Kills Covid-19

Cert. tablets are made with the same formula as our combined detergent & disinfection tablets trusted by the NHS and hospitals around the world.

Cut Costs

Cert. is multi-surface and starts from just 16p per 500ml bottle, saving your cleaning business significant money in cleaning supplies.

Safer than bleach

Cert. is powerful and effective, yet specially formulated to be almost pH neutral, making it much safer to use and store than liquid bleach. Cert. is safe to use in homes with children and pets.

Destroys Viruses incl Covid-19

You can rely on Cert. to provide a powerful antiviral & antibacterial clean that leaves your clients home glistening and smelling fresh.

Used in Worldwide Hospitals for 50 Years

Cert. is made by Hydrachem, and Hydrachem have been supplying UK and Worldwide hospitals with these very same disinfection tablets for over 50 years. If its good enough for the NHS, its good enough for your clients.


Just Add Water

Cert. tablets dissolve in regular tap water.

Fill up your spray bottle & reuse it time and time again. Cert. tablets save a significant amount of space and weight and up to 94% unnecessary single-use plastic.

Cert. tablets dissolve in tap water so you can refill your bottles to save vital storage space and be environmentally conscious.

Cert. tablets are made to the formula specifically recommended by Public Health England to destroy Covid-19 on a surface.

Cert. has been independently and successfully tested by leading experts across Europe.

Cleans & Disinfects

Cut Costs

Safer than Bleach

Trusted for 50 years

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