Hospital-grade combined detergent and disinfectant tablets that dissolve in tap water for a surface disinfectant spray that keeps your gym open and covid-safe.

Clean with confidence.

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Used by the NHS & hospitals

Kills Covid-19 & viruses in 60 seconds

Safe for use on gym equipment

Destroys Covid-19 in 60 seconds

We know that spraying down equipment between uses has always been a priority, but never more so than in a post-covid world. 

Cert. combined cleaning tablets are proven to be effective against Covid-19 as well as 99.99% of other viruses and bacteria.

Destroys Covid-19 in just 60 seconds.

Kills 99.9% viruses & bacteria

No single-use plastic

Quick turnaround for members

Kills 99.9% bacteria

No single-use plastic

Quick turnaround for members

Cert. surface spray is a simple refillable bottle and tablet - just add tap water and you're ready to spray & wipe without any single-use plastic.

Cert. is a fraction of the cost of alternative surface sprays. Germ-free gym equipment is vital to keeping your gym open but it shouldn't cost the Earth.

Cert. is tested & proven to be effective against Covid-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces, including doors, floors, metals, glass, sinks and showers.

Cert. antiviral spray doesn't contain any of the ingredients known for harming gym equipment such as alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, or ammonia.

Cert. is trusted by worldwide hospitals to keep patients safe from dangerous viruses & bacteria. You can trust Cert. to keep your gym germ-free.

Cert. is safe to use around people, children and pets, so your members can safely spray gym equipment without any toxic fumes or mists.

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