Cert. - active against Winter lurgies!

Cert. - active against Winter lurgies!

It's that time of year again.  Everywhere you look you seem to come across people with colds, flu's, covid-19 and other viruses.  Viruses tend to circulate more in the winter because we spend much more time indoors which makes it easier for viruses to pass from person to person.  The colder air also makes our immune systems a little less effective, so we are less able to fight off the bugs.

The good news is, we can keep our homes and workspaces clean with Cert. surface spray.  Cert. is effective at destroying 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on a surface, including flu, covid, common cold and many more.  To reduce our chances of infection, it's a good idea to keep your surfaces and workspaces sanitised.  

Active against 99.9% bacteria & viruses

Cert. was launched by Hydrachem during the pandemic of 2020. Hydrachem ltd are one of the worlds largest producers of surface disinfection tablets and have been supplying hospitals all over the world for over 50 years.  Our tablet formulas are rigorously tested and quality assured by stringent EU quality standards and meet the UK government strict requirements.  

During the pandemic of 2020, we recognised a need to bring our surface disinfection tablets to people in their homes.  The Cert. brand was born, delivering our globally-trusted disinfection tablets to people at home and at work. 

The formula in Cert. tablets was already designed to be effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and was tested against all of the common hospital viruses such as MRSA and C-Difficile.  Covid-19 may have been a new virus but it was no problem for our disinfection tablets which were proven to destroy Covid-19 on a surface in just 60 seconds.  At the time, no other surface cleaner could do that. 

More than just an antibac

Cert. is so versatile; it can be used on any hard surface including tiles, sideboards, wooden floors, metal cookers, taps, glass, doors and toilets.  On top of its virus and bacteria fighting qualities, Cert. is even great at tackling black mould and limescale.  A surface cleaner which really does it all!